About us

A Brazilian specialty coffee brand with focus on international markets

Thinking about the need of rescuing the authentic flavor of high-quality coffee, we have directed all our efforts to produce outstanding green beans in our farm, Fazenda Ouro Verde, located in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. This farm is totally focused on the production of specialty coffee. The combination of great natural conditions, modern infrastructure and know-how provided by decades in growing-coffee tradition guarantees a higher-quality product that could not be achieved anywhere else in the world.

From our farm in South Minas Gerais, Sammarinese Blend green beans depart to the Republic of San Marino where they are commercialized to international markets.

After passing through the Republic of San Marino, all the coffee can be duly traced to its origin until it gets  in the cup. We believe that a chain traceability standard helps to map and document the coffee’s history, creating trust and confidence toward consumers. That is how they can be sure that all the activities involved in the production of the green beans aim to attend the most updated principles of sustainability.